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  • See NFL win totals for the 2023-24 NFL season
  • The Bengals, Chiefs, and Eagles have the highest win totals, while the Cardinals have the lowest
  • Find the best over and under odds to bet for all NFL win totals

The 2023 NFL win totals opened on March 27. All online sportsbooks now have over and under odds on all 32 teams’ win totals for the 2023-24 NFL season. You can track how the NFL win totals change throughout the major offseason events, namely the NFL Draft and free agency, in the graph below. The graph was generated by taking each team’s average win total across the top online sportsbooks. You’ll find the current win totals with the over/under odds in the table under the graph.

2023 NFL Win Totals

The Cincinnati Bengals, Kansas City Chiefs, and San Francisco 49ers have opened with the highest NFL win total at 11.5. However, the Niners’ win total has since dropped to 10.5, while the Eagles, who opened at 10.5, have seen their win total improve to 11.5, joining the Bengals and Chiefs atop the board. Buffalo is the only other team with a double-digit win total at the moment.

The Arizona Cardinals have the lowest NFL win total for the 2023-24 NFL season at just 4.5 wins.

NFL Win Totals Betting Odds

Team Win Total Over Odds Under Odds
Arizona Cardinals 4.5 +100 -120
Atlanta Falcons 8.5 -120 +100
Baltimore Ravens 9.5 -105 -115
Buffalo Bills 10.5 -150 +130
Carolina Panthers 7.5 -120 +100
Chicago Bears 7.5 -130 +110
Cincinnati Bengals 10.5 -130 +110
Cleveland Browns 9.5 +115 -135
Dallas Cowboys 10.5 +115 -135
Denver Broncos 8.5 -110 -110
Detroit Lions 9.5 -120 +100
Green Bay Packers 7.5 -120 +100
Houston Texans 6.5 +110 -130
Indianapolis Colts 6.5 -120 +100
Jacksonville Jaguars 9.5 -140 +120
Kansas City Chiefs 11.5 -140 +120
Las Vegas Raiders 6.5 +110 -130
Los Angeles Chargers 9.5 -120 +100
Los Angeles Rams 6.5 -105 -115
Miami Dolphins 9.5 +100 -120
Minnesota Vikings 8.5 -110 -110
New England Patriots 6.5 -140 +120
New Orleans Saints 9.5 +105 -125
New York Giants 7.5 +100 -120
New York Jets 9.5 -115 -115
Philadelphia Eagles 11.5 -105 -115
Pittsburgh Steelers 8.5 -140 +120
San Francisco 49ers 10.5 -145 +125
Seattle Seahawks 9.5 +125 -155
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6.5 +120 -140
Tennessee Titans 7.5 -125 +105
Washington Commanders 6.5 +100 -120

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There are five teams who have win totals of 10 or more: the Chiefs (11.5), Bengals (11.5), Eagles (11.5), 49ers (10.5), and Bills (10.5). Jacksonville did open at 10, but that line was undoubtedly the biggest surprise in that list, as the Jags have not won more than ten games in a season since 2007. They did win nine games last year and the Doug Pederson – Trevor Lawrence combo seems to be blossoming into something really nice – but sportsbooks have moved them back to 9.5.

The other five teams in that list are your perennial powerhouses. If anything, 11.5 is probably low for the Chiefs, who have won 12+ games in each of the last five seasons—or every year of Mahomes’ career as a starter. When you factor in the over/under odds, Kansas City stands above Philadelphia and Cincinnati with their over being priced at -140. The Eagles are given -110 odds to go over 11.5 wins and the Bengals +110.

(This next bit was written in May) I wouldn’t be surprised if we see either of Buffalo or Philadelphia’s (called it) win total go up a little. Both are at 10.5 but are -140 and -150, respectively, to go over. (Still suspect Buffalo’s will go up to 11 soon.)

Here are some more notes on NFL win totals movement:

  • [March 27] NFL win totals for all 32 teams have opened across all major sportsbooks. The Chiefs, Bengals, and 49ers have the highest win totals at 11.5.

How to Read NFL Win Total Odds

If this is your first time looking at NFL win totals, the numbers above might be incomprehensible. The easiest way to read win totals is in the table format, where the first column lists the teams, the second column lists the win total itself, the third column lists the over odds, and the fourth column lists the under odds.

It’s easiest to understand using examples. Let’s say you want to bet on the Arizona Cardinals, the first team on the list. Looking at the second column, you can see their win total has been set at 5.5. If they win six or more games, they have hit the over. If they win 5 or fewer games, they have hit the under. The odds in columns three and four determine the payout for over bettors and under bettors, respectively.

If you wager $100 on Arizona to go over 5.5 at +110 odds, you will profit $110 if they win six or more games. If you wager $100 on Arizona to go under 5.5 at -130 odds, you  will profit $76.92 if they stay under 5.5 wins.

How to Bet on NFL Win Totals

Once you have found the wager you would like to make, betting on NFL win totals is as simple as placing any other type of bet. Find the NFL win totals section at your sportsbook of choice and click on the over or under. Be warned, though, that different sportsbooks list the over/under options in different orders.

FanDuel Sportsbook, for example, always lists the option with the shorter odds first, whereas DraftKings Sportsbook always lists the over first.

Make sure you read the betting options carefully and double-check your bet slip before submitting your wager.

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Past Team Records

Team 2020 Record Avg Wins Last 3 Yrs
Arizona Cardinals 4-13 7.7
Atlanta Falcons 7-10 6
Baltimore Ravens 10-7 9.7
Buffalo Bills 13-3 12.3
Carolina Panthers 7-10 5.7
Chicago Bears 3-14 5.7
Cincinnati Bengals 12-4 8.7
Cleveland Browns 7-10 8.7
Dallas Cowboys 12-5 10
Denver Broncos 5-12 5.7
Detroit Lions 9-8 5.7
Green Bay Packers 8-9 11.3
Houston Texans 3-13-1 3.7
Indianapolis Colts 4-12-1 8
Jacksonville Jaguars 9-8 4.3
Kansas City Chiefs 14-3 13.3
Las Vegas Raiders 6-11 8
Los Angeles Chargers 10-7 8.7
Los Angeles Rams 5-12 9
Miami Dolphins 9-8 9.3
Minnesota Vikings 13-4 9.3
New England Patriots 8-9 8.3
New Orleans Saints 7-10 9.3
New York Giants 9-7-1 6.3
New York Jets 7-10 4.3
Philadelphia Eagles 14-3 9
Pittsburgh Steelers 9-8 10
San Francisco 49ers 13-4 9.7
Seattle Seahawks 9-8 9.3
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 8-9 10.7
Tennessee Titans 7-10 10
Washington Football Team 8-8-1 7.3

The average wins for each team over the last three seasons above is a very flawed metric right now. The last two years were 17-game regular seasons, whereas the previous was only a 16-game regular season. We have left it in the table above to try and give you a bit of a glimpse into each team’s successes/struggles over the last few years.

NFL Win Totals Betting Tips

Before you do start making any bets, it’s important to note that there are 272 possible wins available in a 17-game season, but sportsbooks often go over that number in their opening win totals.

This year, the average sum of wins at each sportsbook is 273.8, which is 1.8 wins more than possible. It’s not that much of a discrepancy this season.

You should also consult our proper method for calculating strength of schedule before making any win totals bets.

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