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As a new kid on the block in many states, PointsBet offers extensive ongoing promos and bonus offers, plus a straightforward rewards program to incentivize loyal customers. It’s easy to activate these offers if you use the exclusive Sports Betting Dime promo code while signing up for a PointsBet account or you can simply follow the links on this page to make it even easier on yourself.

PointsBet is an Australian brand that is quickly expanding in the US sports betting market. Currently available online in a handful of states, PointsBet presents an innovative form of wagering known as PointsBetting, and an engaging platform for more traditional sports betting.

PointsBet Promo Code Sections:

PointsBet Promo Code

PointsBet Details
PointsBet Promo Code >>>CLAIM HERE<<<
PointsBet Offer Five $100 Second Chance Bets
PointsBet Minimum Deposit $5 Minimum Deposit
PointsBet Deposit Methods Credit (Visa, Mastercard, etc.), Debit, Online Banking (ACH eCheck), PayPal, PayNearMe, Cash
PointsBet States CO, IA, IN, IL, KS, LA, MD, MI, NJ, NY, OH, PA, VA, WV

Sports Betting Dime has partnered with PointsBet to bring you all of their latest promotions. Currently, PointsBet offers new customers two Second Chance bets worth up to $2,000 in site credit. To earn the full value, simply click the verified links on this page to get today’s best offer.

Top PointsBet NFL Promo for 2023

Football season is back in full swing and PointsBet is bringing the heat for sports bettors in legal states. Check out the top PointsBet NFL promo to get the best value when you place your football bets this season.


Get Five Second-Chance Bets of Up To $100 Each from PointsBet!



Best PointsBet Promos This Week

Get 5 Second Chance Bets Up To $50 Each

Sports Betting Dime gets the top offers from PointsBet on a regular basis. Use the links above to get access to the very best offers straight from PointsBet.com. You’ll find great promos on all your favorite matchups and leagues, including the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and more. From great prop bets to exciting live betting, PointsBet has plenty of great online sports betting options for new players and sharps alike. Lock-in a new user promo from PointsBet and more sportsbooks via these KS sports betting apps.

PointsBet Bonus Codes

PointsBet has one main sign-up promo for new players, along with a variety of ongoing bonuses existing users can choose from. The sign up offer for five $100 Second Chance Bets is a perfect way to get started, and you don’t actually need a bonus code to get this promo.

Let’s go through these offers in further detail. We recommend signing up through our links to get five $100 Second Chance bets.

PointsBet Promo Code: Five $100 Second Chance Bets

The first PointsBet promo code new customers can choose from will unlock five $100 Second Chance bets. The $500 maximum value is divided into a total of five Second Chance bets you can use to place more wagers with PointsBet.


Get Five Second-Chance Bets of Up To $100 Each from PointsBet!



How it works:

  • Sign up with PointsBet using our exclusive promo code (applied through link)
  • Get one Second Chance bet per day during your first five days with PointsBet
  • Each Second Chance bet is worth a maximum of $100
  • Make a wager up to $100 each day during your first five days with PointsBet
  • Any time you lose a bet with the Second Chance promo, PointsBet will cover your losses up to $500

This is a great promo if you’re looking to place many wagers over your first few days with PointsBet.

Where Is the PointsBet Promo Available?

The table below displays where the PointsBet new user promo is available. Click the link on the right-hand side to redeem your PointsBet promo today.

State Promo Code Offer Claim
PointsBet Arizona Promo Code N/A TBD (Launch Pending)
PointsBet Colorado Promo Code N/A Five $100 Second Chance Bets Redeem Promo
PointsBet Kansas Promo Code N/A Five $100 Second Chance Bets Redeem Promo
PointsBet Illinois Promo Code N/A Five $100 Second Chance Bets Redeem Promo
PointsBet Indiana Promo Code N/A Five $100 Second Chance Bets Redeem Promo
PointsBet Iowa Promo Code N/A Five $100 Second Chance Bets Redeem Promo
PointsBet Louisiana Promo Code N/A Five $100 Second Chance Bets Redeem Promo
PointsBet Michigan Promo Code N/A Five $100 Second Chance Bets Redeem Promo
PointsBet New Jersey Promo Code N/A Five $100 Second Chance Bets Redeem Promo
PointsBet New York Promo Code N/A Five $100 Second Chance Bets Redeem Promo
PointsBet Ohio Promo Code N/A Five $100 Second Chance Bets Redeem Promo
PointsBet Pennsylvania Promo Code N/A Five $100 Second Chance Bets Redeem Promo
PointsBet Virginia Promo Code N/A Five $100 Second Chance Bets Redeem Promo
PointsBet West Virginia Promo Code N/A TBD TBD

PointsBet Welcome Promo Code: How to Claim?

The PointsBet sportsbook has one main promos available to new users. They also have a variety of ongoing promos, and you don’t actually need to use a promo code to claim their bonuses. Just make sure you use the links on this page.

The biggest PointsBet Second Chance bet promo is an offer for five $100 Second Chance Bets worth up to a maximum of $500 in site credit.

PointsBet was offering up to $2,000 in Second Chance bets, although that offer is currently unavailable.

PointsBet Promo: $100 in Second Chance Bets

The less lucrative welcome bonus from PointsBet is still a great option for those new customers who are eligible. Make your initial deposit, place your first bet, and if it happens to lose you’ll get up to $500 refunded in site credit to make more wagers with PointsBet.

The larger promo from PointsBet is worth exploring in further detail.

PointsBet Promo: $1,500 Second Chance Bet

*NOTE: This offer is no longer available. We’re keeping this page updated incase it returns in the future.

The most valuable new customer promo from PointsBet is a Second Chance bet worth up to $1,500 in site credit, although this promo is only available through their proprietary PointsBetting system. You’ll need to make a wager through the high-risk, high-reward PointsBetting system, but this is by far the best promo available from PointsBet.

PointsBetting is a unique way to wager where your winnings can change drastically right up until the end of the game. Your initial wager will be multiplied by a figure that’s dependent on just how right or wrong you are with your bet.

Either way, you’ve got nothing to lose on the first wager through PointsBetting, because if you lose you’ll get a refund in site credit up to $1,500.

How it Works

  • Register with PointsBet
  • Place your first wager through the PointsBetting system
  • If it happens to lose, PointsBet will refund you up to a maximum of $1,500 in site credit
  • Use the $1,500 in site credit to place more wagers

While these offers obviously can’t be used in combination, both promos can be claimed by eligible new customers registering with PointsBet. At the end of the day, $2,000 in Second Chance bets is a perfect way to get started with a sportsbook like PointsBet.

What We Like About the PointsBet Deposit Promo

PointsBet is one of the few sportsbooks available in the United States that currently offers two Second Chance bet sign-up bonuses. Having some extra cash on hand as you get started is never a bad thing. The PointsBet offer earns our appreciation for its straightforward terms and the fact that it does not require a massive initial deposit to get the full value.

Current PointsBet Promotions

Everyone pays attention to the welcome promo, but PointsBet also offers a rewards program and several ongoing promotions that provide extra value for new and existing customers alike.

PointsBet is going all-in on the US market with everything from common promos such as boosted odds and refer-a-friend bonuses to more unique offerings such as Make It Rain and the Karma Kommittee.

Ongoing PointsBet Promos

It’s worth your time to stay on top of the latest offers. Most PointsBet promotions will not require a promo code, so all you need to do to take advantage of the offers highlighted here is make the right bet at the right time.

Here are some of the many promotions available at PointsBet:

  • PointsBet Sign Up Promo ($2,000 Second Chance Bet)
  • PointsBet Personal Good Karma Payout
  • PointsBet Boosted Odds
  • PointsBet Make It Rain
  • PointsBet NHL Overtime Insurance
  • PointsBet No Juice Spreads
  • PointsBet Thursday Trivia
  • PointsBet Karma Kommittee
  • PointsBet Referral Bonuses
  • PointsBet Rewards

You can find all the latest offerings by clicking the “promos” tab on the PointsBet website or app. We explain some of them in the next sections.

PointsBet Boosted Odds

PointsBet offers enhanced or boosted odds on several selections every day. In fact, the extent of these offers is a huge part of what makes PointsBet a better value than most other legal sportsbooks.

PointsBet odds boosters may apply to entire sports categories, specific wager types, or even particular games. For example, you might see Monday Night Football odds shift from -150 to +100 when boosted. That means less risk for the same reward – or the same risk for more reward, depending on how you prefer to think about it.

PointsBet offers particularly appealing boosters on local teams in markets they operate within. For example, if you’re a Colorado resident, watch out for Denver Broncos boosters; if you’re in Illinois, check out Chicago Bears boosters.

These boosters go above and beyond PointsBet’s commitment to offering the best lines on in-state teams, which is already a great reason to choose PointsBet over other sportsbooks when betting on your favorite local teams.

No matter which teams you’re betting on, we suggest checking the “promos” tab every day you plan to wager so that you don’t miss out on any especially appealing lines.

Parlay Booster

Parlay Booster is a new feature exclusive to PointsBet. It allows you to build a parlay of your choice and boost the final price yourself.

This customizable feature can be used once per day and applies to any market that can be parlayed. There’s no minimum or maximum stake; you just need to build a parlay with a minimum of three legs.

PointsBet Make It Rain

PointsBet offers a unique promotion called Make It Rain. Eligible games vary daily, but the promotion is often e based on football or basketball games. Typically, Make It Rain offers free bet bonuses based on the number of touchdowns or three-pointers the team or player you bet on makes.

To be eligible for a Make It Rain promotion, you have to place a pre-game bet of a certain minimum amount, usually on the point spread or quarterback passing yards. The terms and conditions vary, but you’ll receive the bonus credits whether your original wager wins or loses.

For example, the Quarterback Make It Rain promotion for December 2nd applied to the Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers game. If you bet a minimum of $25 on the pre-game quarterback passing yards market, you got $6 in free bets for each touchdown thrown by the quarterback you bet on.

When PointsBet runs this promo for college basketball, if you place $100 on the spread, you get a $3 bonus credit for every three-pointer your team makes.

With the Make It Rain promo, you effectively get the chance to win twice, and even a loss on your original wager could end up profitable thanks to the promo credits.

PointsBet is clearly trying to stand out from the competition, and adding fun elements like this provides an extra incentive to get in on the action with this top online sportsbook.

PointsBet Overtime Insurance

PointsBet introduced a brand new Overtime Insurance promotion for the 2021 NHL season. Bettors who place a pre-game NHL moneyline wager can receive up to $50 back in free bets if the team they bet on loses in overtime or in a shootout.

This offer applies to cash bets only and excludes games for which the odds have been boosted. Customers are eligible for a maximum of one free bet per day – no PointsBet promo code is required.

Don’t be surprised if you see even more NHL promotions from PointsBet in the future. It was announced in February 2021 that the league will receive an equity stake in PointsBet as part of a wider partnership that will make the sportsbook an official betting partner of the NHL.

PointsBet No Juice Spreads

Yes, you read that correctly. Juice refers to the fee a sportsbook charges to handle your bet, and it’s always baked directly into the odds. A no juice promo means that lines that would typically be offered at -110 will be available at +100 – also known as “even money” in sports betting.

PointsBet removed the juice from all NFL point spreads during the 2019 season, and they’ve done so for regular-season NBA games in the past as well.

Currently, NFL fans should watch out for “No Juice Saturdays.” PointsBet will offer +100 lines on the point spread for Sunday and Monday NFL games. The only catch is that you need to place your wager between 6 p.m. ET on Friday night and 1 a.m. ET on Sunday.

PointsBet also removed the juice from NFL Championship game spreads for 2021.

The bottom line here is that with their no juice promotion, PointsBet is by far the best-priced sportsbook for NFL spread betting.

Thursday Trivia

PointsBet knows bettors love to put their sports knowledge to the test, so they’ve put together a weekly trivia game with a decent set of prizes. Check the @PointsBetUSA Twitter account every Thursday at 4 p.m. ET for a chance to win one of three $100 free bets.

Here’s how it works:

  • 3 Thursday Trivia questions will be tweeted each week
  • Submit your answers by 9 p.m. ET
  • Winners determined at random between all those who submit the correct answer to a given question

Note that you must be following @PointsBetUSA on Twitter to be eligible to win this contest.

PointsBet Karma Kommittee

PointsBet believes in karma, to the extent that they’ve created yet another highly unique and popular promotion called the Karma Kommittee. This group meets every morning to discuss the previous 24 hours of sport and any potential “injustices” suffered by sports bettors.

When necessary, the PointsBet Karma Kommittee will implement a “Good Karma Payout” by issuing refunds to all affected bettors in the form of free bets.

If a team you bet on totally blew it, or a player suffered a serious injury that has a major impact on a game or futures odds, check for a Karma Kommittee alert on the @PointsBetUSA Twitter account – you may be in line for a refund on your losing wager.

PointsBet Refer-a-Friend Program

It pays to bring your friends into the action at PointsBet. When you sign up for PointsBet, you get a unique referral link to share with your friends. Any time a friend registers using this link and deposits at least $50, both of you receive $100 in free bet credits – a true win-win situation!

This is among the highest referral bonuses we’ve seen. Plus, unlike most other sportsbooks, PointsBet keeps it simple with zero rollover requirements on free bet winnings.

To find your unique referral link, log in to PointsBet, and head to the My Account page. Note that the referring member must have been a PointsBet customer for at least 14 days and must have turned over a total of $1,000 or more. Members with a current negative balance will not receive the free bets.

PointsBet Rewards Program

PointsBet offers a straightforward rewards program that allows you to gain bonus bets the more you wager with the site. You will earn points over time, and 100 points are worth $1.00 in bonus bet credit.

  • You earn one point for every $5 wagered on fixed-odds straight bets
  • You earn one point for every $1 wagered on parlays
  • You earn one point for every $1 won or lost PointsBetting

You’ll be able to redeem your rewards points for bet credits at the following intervals:

  • 250 points ($2.50 credit)
  • 500 points ($5 credit)
  • 2,500 points ($25 credit)
  • 5,000 points ($50 credit)
  • 10,000 points ($100 credit)
  • 50,000 points ($500 credit)
  • 100,000 points ($1,000 credit)

Remember, there is just 1x rollover on these bonus bets. Once you’ve risked the credited amount once, you can withdraw any winnings.

PointsBet has structured its rewards programs to benefit long-term users with bankrolls of all sizes. You earn rewards points on every bet, and the points-to-bet credit ratio is consistent.

As an example, to reach your first $2.50 bet credit, you would need to wager a total of $1,250 on straight bets with fixed odds, $250 on parlays, win or lose $250 on PointsBetting wagers, or some combination of these.

More Sportsbook Bonuses to Sign Up For

If you’re looking for other sportsbook promos to claim outside of PointsBet, make sure you take a look at our table below for more options.

Promo Code Bonus Online Betting Available
DraftKings Sportsbook Promo Code $1,050 Deposit Match Bonus AZ, CO, IL, IN, IA, KS, LA, MA. MD, MI, NJ, NY, NH, OH, PA, TN, VA, WV, WY
Caesars Sportsbook Promo Code Up To $1,250 On Caesars + 1,000 Tier Credits and 1,000 Reward Credits® AZ, CO, IL, IN, IA, KS, LA, MA, MD, MI, NV, NJ, NY, OH, PA, VA, WV, WY
FanDuel Sportsbook Promo Code $1,000 No Sweat First Bet AZ, CO, IL, IN, IA, KS, LA, MA, MD, MI, NJ, NY, NH, OH, PA, TN, VA, WV, WY
BetMGM Promo Code $1,000 First Bet Offer AZ, CO, IN, IA, KS, LA, MA, MD, MI, NV, NJ, NY, OH, PA, TN, VA, WV, WY
Bet365 Bonus Code Bet $1, Get $200 in Bet Credits CO, IA, NJ, OH, VA
WynnBET Promo Code Bet $100, Get $100 in Bonus Credits AZ, CO, IN, LA, MA, MI, NJ, NY, TN, VA

More Information on Where PointsBet is Available

The table below has more details about where PointsBet Sportsbook is available as well as any existing partnerships with local sports teams. These partnerships often result in special promotions and odds boosts for hometown teams, so be sure to visit PointsBet any time you want to wager on one of the teams below.

State Local Partner(s)
Arizona Sports Betting (Launch Pending) TBD
Colorado Sports Betting Colorado Buffaloes (NCAA), Denver Nuggets (NBA), Colorado Avalanche (NHL), Colorado Mammoth (NLL)
Kansas Sports Betting N/A
Illinois Sports Betting Chicago Bears (NFL)
Indiana Sports Betting Indiana Pacers (NBA), Indianapolis Colts (NFL)
Iowa Sports Betting N/A
Louisiana Sports Betting (Launch Pending) TBD
Michigan Sports Betting Detroit Red Wings (NHL)
New Jersey Sports Betting N/A
New York Sports Betting N/A
Ohio Sports Betting N/A
Pennsylvania Sports Betting N/A
Virginia Sports Betting N/A
West Virginia Sports Betting N/A

Sports Betting Dime will update this list as PointsBet continues to expand to new locations and develop new partnerships across the United States.

PointsBet Promo FAQs

Here are some answers to PointsBet promo FAQs:

Is PointsBet a legal sportsbook?

Yes, the PointsBet sportsbook is a completely legal betting site.

What states is the PointsBet $2,000 Second Chance bet promo available in?

The PointsBet sign-up promo is available in Colorado, New Jersey, New York, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia.

Where do you sign up for the $2,000 Second Chance bet PointsBet promo?

You can sign up for the welcome offer from PointsBet using the links on this page, or visiting their betting site or mobile app directly.

Is the $2,000 Second Chance bet promo from PointsBet available with other PointsBet promos?

Yes, claiming the sign-up promo from PointsBet does not exclude you from their other offers.

What is the PointsBet promo code I need to use?

You do not need to apply a promo code when registering with PointsBet to claim their best sign-up offer.

Where can I find the PointsBet sportsbook app?

You can find the PointsBet app on the Google Play Store for Android Devices, or on the App Store for Apple iOS devices.

Can I wager with PointsBet while visiting a state?

Yes, you do not have to be a resident in an eligible state to wager with PointsBet.

Why does PointsBet ask for the last four digits of my SSN?

PointsBet asks you for the last four digits of your SSN to ensure you’re a legal sports bettor during the registration process.

Is PointsBet available on my computer?

Yes, the PointsBet betting site can be used on desktop and laptop computers.

How old do I have to be to register with PointsBet?

Depending on what state you’re betting from, you must be at least 18 or 21-years old to wager with PointsBet.

Final Thoughts About PointsBet

PointsBet sets itself apart from the competition with extensive ongoing promotions, creative ideas, and well-priced odds. Add that to developing an entirely new form of wagering – PointsBetting – and this platform is truly innovative.

We’ll have our eyes on the latest PointsBet promo codes and bonuses as the Australian brand continues to expand into the US sports betting market.

Check our comprehensive review to learn everything you need to know about the PointsBet online sportsbook and betting app.

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