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The NHL betting markets can be tricky to navigate. However, when you have the NHL public trends, bet percentages, and splits, it makes life easier for all sports bettors. Public money in the NHL isn’t always the easiest to follow, but this page will help you either ride with the general public or fade them.

Looking at the money and NHL betting percentage splits, our experts will provide you with the data directly from sportsbooks ahead of puck drop each night throughout the entirety of the season. This way, you can see where both the public money and the percentage of tickets are concentrated for each game.

With Ontario online sports betting now live, Canadian bettors within the province can back their hometown teams in the Senators and Maple Leafs.

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NHL Public Betting Trends – June 13

The Stanley Cup Final between Vegas and Florida continues Tuesday with Game 5. Some of the notable public betting trends include:

  • Bettors are hammering the Golden Knights to win Game 5 and capture their first Stanley Cup. VGK is receiving 87% of moneyline handle as -190 home favorites.
  • The public is heavily favoring the “over” in Game 5, putting 93% of total-points handle on more than 5.5 goals being scored.

How to Read NHL Betting Trends

Every bet that is placed on the NHL odds market at any given online sportsbook is tracked. It’s logged, and they consolidate all that information into the NHL public betting chart you see at the top of the page. This betting info consists of the total number of bets and the total number of money bet on each market in a single game. Those markets are the NHL public betting percentages for moneyline, puckline, and totals.

With that data, you can see the NHL public betting consensus (as well as where the sharp money is) for every game before placing your wager.

Total Handle Percentages

The percentage of the total handle means the amount of money bet on Team X compared to their opponent. If Team X has received 70% of the ATS betting handle, that means $70 out of every $100 wagered on this game has been on Team X to cover the spread. The remaining 30% will have been wagered on the opponent.

The bet percentage refers to how many single wagers have been placed on Team X compared to their opponent.

Total Bet Percentages

Let’s say ten total ATS wagers were made on a game between New York and New Jersey. Three people bet $20 on the Rangers, one person bet $40 on New York, three people bet $30 on New Jersey, and two people bet $100 on New Jersey.

In this case, the bet percentage is split evenly between the two teams (five bets on New York and five bets on New Jersey).

How Important Are NHL Public Betting Trends

NHL betting percentages are quite important to note. There are a few things you can gain from looking at these betting numbers, one being where the sharp money is. Although it’s tougher in hockey since there aren’t big spreads like in the NBA and NFL, it’s still good to take a look at.

Sharp money is indicated by comparing the total handle to the total bets on a certain game. For example, let’s say we are looking at NHL public betting trends for a key Pennsylvania matchup between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers. In this scenario, 40% of the total bets are on the Penguins moneyline, and 60% on Flyers moneyline. However, only 30% of the total handle are on Flyers moneyline, and 70% on Penguins moneyline. This would indicate sharp money.

The reason being sharps usually bet more money since they are pros and usually do it as a profession. That’s why when the total handle outweighs the total bets for a certain side, the industry considers that sharp money. Online sportsbooks usually know which players are experts, so they will note when they bet and start adjusting the line for the NHL betting public.