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PointsBet Review

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Mobile App 93%
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Promo: Five $100 Second Chance Bets
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  • Bonuses for all customers with varied bankrolls
  • Unique wagering types that aren’t available elsewhere
  • Rewards program to award you bet credit
  • Does not accept eWallets
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  • PointsBet launched in January 2019 in the US
  • Currently operational in Colorado, Michigan, New York, Maryland, Ohio, and more
  • Planning to be operational in Massachusetts when legal
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  • Great value odds
  • Dynamic odds to increase your potential payout
  • Wide range of betting options from the weather to surfing
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  • Quickly updated odds
  • Highly user-friendly
  • Available at the App Store

PointsBet Review: What You Need to Know

Mitchell South

by Mitchell South

Apr 20, 2020 · 2:53 PM PDT

PointsBet is an Australian brand that is shaking things up in US online betting markets with their unique form of wagering, PointsBetting.

In addition to the fixed odds wagering most bettors are accustomed to, the platform offers a new take on spread and totals betting. They follow a philosophy of “the more you’re right, the more you win” to offer dynamic payouts based on margins of victory.

Even without this interesting innovation, PointsBet delivers an easy to use and engaging platform for traditional sports betting through its betting app and online sportsbook. The brand is committed to offering fixed odds at a good value, and their ongoing promo and bonus offers are extensive.

Continue with our PointsBet sportsbook review for everything you need to make the most of your wagers.

Where Is PointsBet Legal?

PointsBet is aggressively expanding in US states with legal betting
markets icon badge

PointsBet is in the process of rapidly expanding their footprint in the United States as more states legalize online and mobile sports betting.

They’ve now opened a “Western Headquarters” in Denver, Colorado, and obtained licenses to operate in additional markets over the coming year.

PointsBet maintains a huge presence in its original market in Australia. In 2019, the firm went public on the Australia Stock Exchange.

PointsBet States

PointsBet is currently available in the following states:

State PointsBet Online Betting? PointsBet Retail Sportsbook? Retail Locations(s)
Colorado Sports Betting Yes Pending Double Eagle Hotel & Casino
Illinois Sports Betting Yes Yes Hawthorne Race Track & OTBs
Indiana Sports Betting Yes No N/A
Iowa Sports Betting Yes Yes Catfish Bend Casino
Kansas Sports Betting Yes Yes Kansas Crossing Casino + Hotel
Louisiana Sports Betting Yes No N/A
Maryland Sports Betting Yes Yes Riverboat on the Potomac
Michigan Sports Betting Yes No N/A
New Jersey Sports Betting Yes No N/A
New York Sports Betting Yes No N/A
Ohio Sports Betting Yes Yes Hollywood Gaming at Mahoning Valley Race Course
Pennsylvania Sports Betting Yes No N/A
Virginia Sports Betting Yes No N/A
West Virginia Sports Betting Yes No N/A

PointsBet Ohio: Welcome Offer Now Available in the Buckeye State

The Ohio online sports betting scene is set to become one of the largest in the country and PointsBet Ohio will be right there to compete with the best sportsbooks in the business.

There’s plenty of reasons to get excited for PointsBet Ohio. Chief among those is an excellent welcome Ohio sportsbook promo of Five Bet Credits of $100.


Get Five Second-Chance Bets of Up To $100 Each from PointsBet!



PointsBet also secured market access in Maryland and officially launched on Nov. 23, 2022. New customers can sign up using to claim an excellent PointsBet Maryland welcome offer.

PointsBet New York went live on January 24, 2022.

PointsBet Provinces

PointsBet is now part of the Canada sports betting scene as commercial sportsbooks are regulated and available on a provincial level.

Sign Up at PointsBet Ontario Sportsbook & Deposit With Debit to Bet Now!
Must Be 19+ Years of Age to Register



PointsBet Canada set up shop in the Ontario sports betting market as one of the first commercial sportsbooks that launched in Canada’s most populous province on April 4, 2022.

PointsBet Bonuses

Get a Second Chance shot at the brand’s unique wagering style
bonuses section badge

PointsBet offers excellent bonuses to both new and existing customers. Best of all, these PointsBet promos codes are structured in a way that offers value to those with bankrolls of all sizes.

The initial PointsBet sign-up offer has varied over time. Currently, new customers can get five Second Chance bets worth up to $100 each.

PointsBet is constantly updating their seasonal offers and one-off promos. They are also one of the only dedicated sports betting platforms that offer a rewards program like those you’d typically see at online casinos.

Across the board, PointsBet places exceptionally few restrictions on the use and withdrawal of these bonus offers, making them more valuable to you as a bettor.

Let’s take a detailed look at how you can make the most of PointsBet Second Chance bets and other bonus offers.

Bonus offer availability varies by location and changes frequently. Please consult each sportsbook directly to confirm the availability of the bonus offers featured on this page.

PointsBet Sign Up Offer

PointsBet has one main sign-up offer new customers can claim just by signing up: Five Second Chance bets worth up to $100 each.

Let’s break down this option in further detail, as it’s the most valuable. For the record, we recommend using our exclusive links to sign up.

PointsBet Sign-Up Promo: Five Second Chance Bets Worth $100 Each

The best PointsBet sign-up promo new customers can choose from is worth up to $500. The $500 maximum value is divided into a total of five Second Chance bets you can use to place more wagers with PointsBet.


Get Five Second-Chance Bets of Up To $100 Each from PointsBet!



How it works:

  • Register with PointsBet
  • Get one Second Chance bet per day during your first four days with PointsBet
  • Each Second Chance bet is worth a maximum of $100
  • Make a wager up to $100 each day during your first four days with PointsBet
  • Any time you lose a bet with the Second Chance promo, PointsBet will cover your losses up to $800

This is a great promo if you’re looking to place many wagers over your first few days with PointsBet.

Ongoing Promotions and Bonuses at PointsBet

PointsBet has gone hard on the bonus offers as they expand into the US market. They offer a smattering of different bonuses that are sport-specific or seasonal, along with a rewards program that is available all the time.

Odds boosts and parlay insurance are also in the mix, adding even more intrigue to what’s already excellent pricing on the site.

Daily Boosted Odds

PointsBet offers enhanced or boosted odds on several selections every day. In fact, the extent of these offers is a huge part of what makes PointsBet a better value than most other legal sportsbooks.

PointsBet odds boosters are applied to entire sports categories or specific wager types. For example, you might see NFL futures odds shift from -150 to +100 when boosted.

We suggest checking the “Promos” tab every day you plan to wager so that you don’t miss out on any especially appealing lines.

Parlay Insurance

Parlay insurance is a common offering among online sportsbooks and betting apps. The PointsBet offer is slightly better than those we’ve seen from direct competitors.

PointsBet will refund up to $25 when just one leg of a parlay with at least four selections fails. If you hit three out of four, you will be credited the full amount risked up to $25.

Most other books offering parlay insurance require you to construct a five-leg parlay to qualify for $25 of insurance.

No Juice NFL Lines

Yes, you read that correctly. PointsBet offered all NFL point spreads with no juice during the 2019 season. Juice refers to the fee a sportsbook charges to handle your bet, and it’s always baked directly into the odds.

The no juice NFL promo means that lines that would typically be offered at -110 were available at +100, for example. This promo was applied to every game. The bottom line here is that PointsBet is by far the best priced sportsbook for NFL spread betting, assuming they continue to offer this promotion in NFL seasons to come.

Early Payouts

Not to be confused with the cash out early feature that lets you call wagers before their conclusion; the Early Payouts promotion will automatically pay out early at the original odds when your side goes up by a certain number of points.

This promotion varies depending on the sport and wager at hand, but it always applies to straight bets at fixed odds. For example, PointsBet will cash pre-game moneyline hockey wagers once your side goes up by two goals (when this promotion is running).

PointsBet Rewards

PointsBet offers a straightforward rewards program that allows you to gain bonus bets the more you wager with the site. You will earn points over time, and 100 points are worth $1.00 in bonus bet credit.

Remember there is just 1x rollover on these bonus bets. Once you’ve risked the credited amount once, you can withdraw any winnings.

When all is said and done, PointsBet offers some of the best promotions in the business, and they’ve recently added a free-to-play Pick6 contest with cash prizes for some added fun. PointBet bonuses are structured to offer value to those with bankrolls of all sizes, and they don’t evaporate into thin air once you’ve placed your first wager.

PointsBet's Sportsbook

Make traditional bets at the best fixed odds or try Pointsbetting for an entirely new way to wager
sportsbook icon badge

Here’s the part of this PointsBet sportsbook review that matters most – the sportsbook experience itself.

PointsBet has built their brand around the slogan “Stay Sharp”. Sure enough, there is a lot for more experienced sports bettors to get excited about on the platform.

PointsBet odds are in line with the best sports betting sites in some cases, and much better than the competition in others. Point spreads and totals are typically offered as 20-cent lines. Add in the boosted odds promotions covered above, and you’ve got one hell of a deal.

In February 2021, it was announced that the NHL will receive equity in PointsBet as part of a wider deal that will make the brand an official betting partner of the league. Hockey fans may notice PointsBet odds and data start to appear more prominently in NBC’s NHL game broadcasts and analysis. In theory, the partnership should further improve PointsBet’s NHL offerings, and we anticipate the app appearance may change as well.

In May 2021, PointsBet and the WNBA announced a sports betting partnership, which will expand the platform’s women’s basketball offerings as the league continues to grow its fan base.

Most bettors will be drawn to PointsBet for their proprietary new wagering style, PointsBetting. The system moves away from fixed odds, allowing bettors to win significantly more money when their pick outperforms the expectations of the bookmakers.

Taking the “Stay Sharp” (read as “No Bull*@*t”) motto a step further, the PointsBet Gameday Guarantee promises bettors can put down big money on major events, no matter how successful their betting record.

PointsBet will accept any same-day pre-game wager up to $10,000 for all MLB and NFL games, and NBA and NHL playoff games.

If you’re looking for a more dynamic sports betting experience and are committed to finding odds at a great value, PointsBet is likely the legal sportsbook you’ve been looking for.

What Sports and Leagues Does PointsBet Offer?

PointsBet doesn’t limit themselves when it comes to wagering options. If there’s a sport you want to bet on, you’re as likely to find it here as anywhere.

Here are the sports featured at PointsBet:

  • Aussie Rules
  • Basketball (NBA, NCAAB, WNBA, Int’l)
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Curling
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • eSports
  • Football (NFL, NCAAF, CFL, XFL)
  • Gaelic Football
  • Golf
  • Greyhounds
  • Handball
  • Hockey (NHL, Int’l)
  • Hurling
  • MMA (UFC)
  • Motor Sports (NASCAR, F1)
  • Netball
  • Olympics
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Soccer (Multiple Int’l Leagues. Int’l Competition, World Cup)
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis
  • Track & Field
  • Snooker
  • Squash
  • Surfing
  • Winter Sports
  • Volleyball

You can even bet on the weather if you fancy. Note that not all sports will be available in every market due to regulations and demand.

What Kind of Bets Can I Place?

This is where things get interesting. PointsBet’s calling card is unique wagering types that aren’t available elsewhere. That said, bettors can still expect to see most of the traditional betting options they’re accustomed to.

You’ll find the following betting options at PointsBet:

  • Moneylines
  • Point Spreads
  • Totals (Over/Under)
  • Championship Futures
  • Player Futures
  • Win Totals
  • Parlays & Round Robins
  • Team Props, Player Props, Game Props
  • Points Multipliers (ex: Q1 Points x Q2 Points)


Live betting markets are extensive, with in-play odds constantly updated to keep you on your toes.

PointsBet offers some interesting props you won’t find elsewhere. For example, you can wager on players’ shooting percentage or completion percentage, along with taking the over/under on the number of minutes played before they tally a certain number of points during the season.

Of course, the most interesting option of all is PointBet’s namesake betting style: PointsBetting.

What Is PointsBetting and How Does It Work?

PointsBetting is a new take on sports betting that does not use fixed odds to determine the size of your potential payout or loss. Instead, the potential payout and your risk are dynamic and will be adjusted based on how far the actual result is from the projected number, be it a spread or a total.

To take it straight from PointsBet, the more you’re right, the more you win. The more you’re wrong, the more you lose.

  • If your bet wins by one point (or unit), you would win 1 x your bet amount (stake).
  • If your bet wins by 2 units, you win 2 x stake. If your bet wins by 10 units, you win 10 x stake.
  • If you lose by 1 unit, you lose 1 x stake.
  • If you lose by 10 units, you lose 10 x stake.

Your concern is no longer as simple as “Will this team cover the spread?” or “Will this running back rush over 35 yards?” – you’re now wagering on how much they’ll exceed or fall below expectations of the bookmakers.

Say you bet a total to go over 250 points in NBA. If it finishes at 260, (10 points over) and you bet $10, you will win $100 ($10 x 10 points). But the opposite is also true. If the actual total ends at 240, you would lose $100 ($10 x 10 points).

This adds a huge amount of excitement and new angle to your wagers, but it also leaves you open to massive losses. You can pick a “stop loss” amount which will cap your wins or losses, and all wagers have predetermined maximum win and loss levels.

The size of your stake should reflect your level of confidence in the bet, as always. It’s crucial to realize you are risking more than your stake since the downside risk will always be a multiplier of this amount.

PointsBetting works for any wager that involves a set number, be it a total or spread. You can bet on players or team props traditionally offered as over/unders, totals, and point spreads. Make sure you view the “Market Info” to explain exactly how your wager will be graded.

PointsBetting is a bit more complex than traditional sports betting with fixed odds. We highly suggest watching the instructional video at PointsBet before giving it a try. Start small. Walk before you run. If it all sounds too complicated for your liking, you can always stick to the extensive fixed odds markets.

Cash Out Early More Often

Like many online sportsbooks and betting apps, PointsBet will allow you to cash out some wagers early. This allows you to minimize your losses or lock in a profit before the event in question reaches its conclusion.

With that, your payout will be adjusted accordingly when cashing out early. This is a great way to hedge your bets. PointsBet allows you to cash out early on significantly more bets than most of the competition.

All pre-game straight bets at fixed odds are eligible for early cash out. Simply visit the “Pending Bets” tab to take advantage.

Name Your Bet

If you can somehow think of a proposition or market that isn’t already on the site, you can “Name Your Bet.” Just tweet your concept @PointsBetUSA with the hashtag #nameabet, and they’ll price it.

PointsBet App

Easily access the entire PointsBet menu on the go
app icon badge

PointsBet is one of the newer companies in the world of online sports betting, so it’s no surprise that they’ve built their platforms for superior mobile performance.

Even with all the betting markets available on the site, the PointsBet app is easy to navigate and updates odds and stats quickly – a crucial feature when betting on live action with PointsBet In-Play.

iOS users can download the app directly from the Apple Store. Android users can access the download via a link at the online sportsbook.

How to Sign Up at PointsBet

Electronic verification makes for speedy, hassle-free sign ups
signup icon badge

Getting started at PointsBet is extremely simple.  All you need to do is visit the online sportsbook or PointsBet app and have the following information ready to go:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Residential address
  • Email
  • Social Security Number

PointsBet will use electronic verification software to ensure the details you provide match publicly available records. In most cases, you do not need to upload any supporting documentation when creating a new account at PointsBet.

Users accessing PointsBet online will need to download and enable geo-location software to ensure they are located within the proper jurisdiction. This functionality is integrated directly into the app, and is standard across all legit sports betting apps.

While PointsBet is relatively new to the US market, they are an established brand in Australia with a long track record of protecting the private information of their users. What’s more, they are heavily regulated as a legal option. You can trust them with your personal information, including your social security number.

PointsBet users in Australia will be asked to submit a copy of their photo identification when registering with the sportsbook.


You must be at least 21 years old to sign up and wager with PointsBet in the United States. PointsBet also accepts players 18 years and older in Australia.

Players in the United States must be physically located in a state in which PointsBet has a license to offer online sports betting. You can find a full list of states where PointsBet is allowed below.

Note that you do not need to be a resident of these states to bet with PointsBet. You simply need to be physically located within state boundaries at the time you fund your account and place any wagers.

Banking With PointsBet

$50,000 max deposit is huge, but PayPal is not accepted
banking icon badge

First things first – you’ll need to fund your account to enjoy all the unique offerings at PointsBet.

For all their strong points, PointsBet does offer significantly less flexibility than the competition when it comes to banking. Some of this is the result of state regulations, but other books operating in the same markets do offer a much wider range of options.

That said, there are no fees to make a deposit or withdrawal at PointsBet. The brand does a good job of processing withdrawals within the advertised timeframes as well.

PointsBet Deposit Methods

You can make a deposit in your PointsBet account using the online sportsbook or app. Unlike many other online sportsbooks operating in the US, PointsBet does not yet accept eWallets like PayPal.

That said, customers can expect smooth transactions between PointsBet and their financial institution of choice. PointsBet is a fully regulated and legitimate business in all jurisdictions it operates within.

PointsBet accepts the following deposit methods:

Credit Cards: Visa and Mastercard are accepted at PointsBet.

Debit Cards: You can also use your debit card, as long as it is affiliated with Visa or Mastercard.

Online Banking (ACH eCheck): You can make a deposit directly from your checking account with an ACH eCheck transfer.

PointsBet PrePaid Mastercard: You can use any debit or credit card to fund a prepaid PointsBet Card that can then be used to directly fund your account.

*Only available to users in NJ

PayNearMe: Take the barcode from the PointsBet app to a PayNearMe location (all 7/11 stores, CVS, Family Dollar) and fund your account with cash.

Cash: Cash deposits are accepted at the casino cage at Meadowlands Casino in Atlantic City, NJ.

PointsBet Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit at PointsBet is $5 and the maximum deposit is $50,000 regardless of payment method. This is an exceptionally high limit for new users.

Deposit Method Minimum Deposit Maximum Deposit Processing Time
Credit Card $5 $50,000 Instant
Debit Card $5 $50,000 Instant
ACH Transfer $5 $50,000 Less than 24 hours
PointsBet PrePaid Card $5 $50,000 Instant
PayNearMe $5 N/A 15 minutes
Cash $5 $50,000 Instant

How Does PointsBet Payout?

Withdrawal options at PointsBet are even more limited, as regulations in many US markets do not allow reverse charges to credit cards as a withdrawal method. Bettors are limited to an ACH or wire transfer directly into their checking account unless they have signed up for the PointsBet PrePaid Card.

You can instantly move funds from your PointsBet account onto the card. From there, it can be used like a credit/debit card to make purchases anywhere that Mastercard is accepted. You can also use the card to make cash withdrawals at an ATM.

Overall, we want to see more flexibility from PointsBet in terms of banking options. For all the innovative offerings in the sportsbook itself, the payment options available seem behind the times.

Customer Service

Talk with a real person at any time
customer service icon badge

PointsBet does a solid job of providing answers to frequently asked questions right on the website. Visit the ‘Help’ page for detailed responses covering everything from bonuses to account suspensions.

The ‘What Is PointsBetting?’ page is also an excellent resource for those trying to get the swing of this new wagering method.

If you are unable to find the info you’re looking for on these pages, PointsBet offers a direct link to email customer service directly in the navigation. They also offer live chat support, which is the fastest way to receive an answer to most questions.

The customer service team is based in the US, and they are available for immediate response from 6AM – Midnight (EST) every day.

The Bottom Line

PointsBet is the new kid on the block. Their betting app and sportsbook do much more than pay lip service to shaking up the industry. If you’re looking for entirely new challenges in your sports betting career, it’s time to give PointsBet a try.

Pairing extensive ongoing promotions and well-priced odds with an entirely new way to bet on sports, PointsBet has truly set itself apart from the competition.

While many sportsbooks come up with creative ways to package similar offerings, PointsBet offers the opportunity to fundamentally rethink the way you bet on sports without sacrificing access to the sportsbook features and wagering types available elsewhere.

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